What is an eco home?

What is an ECOHome?
What makes them different?
The  main  differences  between  our  ECOHomes  and  a  standard  built  home are  illustrated  in the  diagram  below.  Along  with  the  spatial  and  aesthetic  design,  these  key  points  are  the main  factors  in  making  our  ECOHomes  outstanding  in  their  thermal  performance  and comfort levels for modern living.

The diagram below shows the fundamental differences between a FmK ECOHome and the standard specification that is normally built.

Elements of an ECOHome


The  first  main item for an ECOHome is  the  high levels of insulation used  in all areas along with maintaining the continuity of of the U Value in all areas. This ensures  no  weak  areas  in  the  building  fabric  and  that  the  building  acts  as  a whole thermaily. The levels used in our construction elements are  up to twice as much as the standard bulid normal as required by Building Control.


As  a  large  proportion  of  heat  loss  occurs  through  air  leakage  in  homes,  we ensure  that all our ECOHomes are designed to a high level of airtightness with rigorous  on  site  quality  control.  We  also  only  use  leading  brands  for  all  o ur airtighe  products,  from  the  membrane  and  tape  systems  to  airtight  attic hatches. All   the   technical   details   for   construction   for   installation   of   our airtightness  products  have  been  designed  by  our  in  house  team  to  ensure workability on site. 

Thermal Bridge Free Construction  

Another essential element for an ECOHome is the removal of thermal bridges, which are weak areas in the thermal envelope, by careful design and the use of appropriate  materials  at  these  junctions,  such  as  door thresholds,  window jambs and heads to name  a few. Every  design  has been carefully evaluated  to ensure a cold bridge free home.

Mechanical Heat Recovery & Ventilation

As  an  essential  component  to  air  quality  with  minimal  heat  loss,  in  our ECOHomes we use state of the art MVHR systems which are carefully designed into the layouts for maximum efficiency and controllability.

Glazing Systems 

Only   triple   glazed   windows   systems   are   used   in   ECOHomes   to   ensure maximum  heat  retention  while  keeping  larger  amounts  of  glazing  for  natural light  and  solar  gain.  These  systems  are  carefully  selected with  a  number  of factors such as U-Values and materials to suit each project.
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