low energy home

Are you self building or starting a building project?

Have you considered low energy/ energy efficiency for your home? 

Let us explain what a low energy home or ECO Home is....The main differences between our ECOHomes and a standard built home are illustrated in the diagram below. Along with the spatial and aesthetic design, these key points are the main factors in making our ECOHomes outstanding in their thermal performance and comfort levels for modern living without adversely increasing the build cost to any significant degree.

Replacement ECOHome

Here we have another of FmK’s bespoke ECOHomes started on site
This is a replacement dwelling of an old farmhouse on the site and is of a traditional design similar to the original one.
The construction is now out of the ground with precast slabs being used over a partial area of the ground floor due to the sloping nature of the site. You can also see the steel posts to the rear of the dwelling which will form the fully glazed rear Dining area

Low Energy ECOHome Design HT4 Ballymoney

We have just lodged a Planning Application for a Replacement Dwelling near Ballymoney

The existing dwelling will be replaced with a new modern low energy home! The new dwelling will enhance energy efficiency compared to the existing home! This client has opted for a customised house type 4 from our ECOHomes Range Check out the range at: www.ecohomesni.com

ECOHomes Store products will be used throughout the construction of this home!

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